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Caring Transitions of Little Rock Metro is Providing Online Auction Services Through CTBIDS

Discover how Caring Transitions of Little Rock Metro can help you set up and manage an online estate sale in Conway, AR, Little Rock, and the surrounding areas

Service providers like Caring Transitions are well-known across the country for a variety of specialties, such as estate sales and moving. They designed a special application to allow items to be sold online in a short period of time instead for clients who were short on time and resources to host an entire estate sale in person.

CTBIDS: How Does It Work?

To begin, a member of the Caring Transitions team will visit your home for a complimentary consultation. We'll conduct a survey of the items you'd like to see on our CTBIDS items during this time. All of your items can be photographed or listed with the help of our staff. In contrast to an estate sale, you won't have to disrupt your daily routine to see your items sell once you've uploaded them to our online auction platform for sale.

How Do I Set My CTBIDS Prices?

Using the CTBIDS website, you'll have access to a variety of pricing options. This is what sets the app apart from the rest of the crowd. Any method you choose to sell your item is completely up to you.

Here are some pricing options:

  • Auction: During an auction, you set the price of your item and then let potential buyers compete for it until only one person remains to take possession of it.
  • Fixed Price: Set a fixed price for your item that doesn't change and the first buyer will get it.
  • Classified Ad: Offering your product on a classified ad will allow you to gain more visibility in front of your customers by providing them with the product's image, description, price, and shipping cost. You must remove the ad once the item is sold.
  • Buy Now: All buy now items are available for immediate purchase for a fixed price.
  • Reserve: The Reserve price option allows you to participate in the bidding process without having to worry about whether or not your item will sell for the price you've set. With this feature, you can secretly set a price that only you and the other bidders will know. During an auction, you can either restart the bidding or consider the highest bidder, if the price is not met at the end.
Caring Transitions can help you learn more about the CTBIDS application and how it may be able to help you sell your belongings online by calling 501-777-9992 and we'll help you schedule a free consultation. You can also use our online contact form to get in touch with us. We eagerly await your response!