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Transitioning to the RV Lifestyle

 Posted by Krista Hughes on March 15, 2021 at 3:04 PM

“Go RV-ing” was a brilliant marketing campaign, created in 1997 by the RV industry.  The message was simple, the mission clear: to increase awareness and interest in incorporating RV ownership into anyone’s price and passion points. In the past 24 years it's become more and more popular for people to sell most of their possessions and live in a RV full time. According to University of Michigan, “Nearly a half-million RV owners say they use their recreational vehicle as their primary residence. Yet, according to the RV Industry Association, a million Americans live full-time in RVs.Hosting a living estate sale for people transitioning to the RV lifestyle is not a common occurrence, at least not for me.  But when we get that call, Caring Transitions of LRM enjoys assisting our clients in achieving their goal. Each person has their own story as to what led to their decision. Some common reasons people choose the RV lifestyle include: 

1. To save Money and/or pay off debt  

2.  To live a simpler lifestyle – adopt the Minimalistic (Green) Lifestyle 

3.  To seek out adventure

4.  Mobility – to not be tied down to one location forever

Let’s meet our RV-enthusiast client, Mr. Berry, a septuagenarian from Sherwood AR. Mr. Berry is a retired widower with a long standing goal of touring America. When I met him, his 5th wheel RV was parked in the yard and he was eager to begin his adventure. One thing was holding him back:  His Stuff. He had been actively trying to sell items on eBay, FB Marketplace, garage sales, and donations. After a year and a half, he still had a home full of collectibles and home furnishings. He finally decided he needed professional help if he was ever going to accomplish his liquidation project. He contacted us to help him liquidate ~95% of the personal property in his home. Following our sale events, we will clear everything in order to expedite the home sale. And then…he’s hitting the open road with his trusty canine companion. 

Have you been curious about adopting a RV Lifestyle on a full-time basis? Let Caring Transitions of LRM handle your liquidation project so you can get on your way more quickly.

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