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2021: Gearing Up to Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing

 Posted by Krista Hughes on January 13, 2021 at 5:34 PM
Meet our Amazing TeamThose who Make the Magic Happen

2021, ushered in with 525,600 new minutes to make of it what we will. We choose, and work, to make it successful. But I want to make it Amazing!

In 2020, I was proud we were able to keep parts of our business operational for those clients we could serve. In total, we worked with 159 clients, conducted 44 estate sales, 27 online auctions and moved 72 people. In retrospect, I’calling this very successful!

I look at these numbers and wonderhow on earth were we able to do all of this? Well, we are blessed to have“Miracle Makers”. These people put aside fear and angst to come to work and help our clients. We implemented Covid protocols for our service lines to ensure everyone’s safety. These amazing people held the line and made it possible to accomplish everything.

The other way we were able to accomplish this work was to keep ourselves mission-centered. Our goal is always to exceed customer expectations and work hard to do so. Covid challenge sadded workplace restrictions, PPE expenses and delays in securing essential supplies etc. all of which tried to negatively impact performance. We had to rewrite our policies and procedures for work arounds to our industry’s challenges. Instead of focusing on what we could NOT control, we focused everything on what we COULD control – Amazing Customer Service.

100% of our energy was directed to every single job. We project planned, dedicated appropriate manpower, aggressively promoted our events, invested in better equipment, recruited new talent, secured dedicated new space for our CT Bids photography studio, and we continued to nurture a stable workforce that gains expertise through every job completed.

Amazing Customer Service is achieved in several ways. For Caring Transitions of Little Rock Metro, it means this:

  1. Be the industry Subject Matter Expert(SME). We are constantly learning, training, educating our teams on industry standards and best practice models.SME status is a moving target, but we strive to stay on top.
  2. Foster Positive Relationships – They Mean Everything. Our “magic makers” team members are always expected to be friendly, helpful and attentive to our clients. We are human, and fall short at times, but our folks love what they do and hopefully it shows through to our clients
  3. Respond quickly and creatively. We often receive urgent requests to make something happen in a day or two (relocation for personal safety needs) or have a scope of work that just did not fit the “cookie cutter” mold for liquidation.
  4. Keep our promises. Sometimes issues arise that make that difficult. Scopes of work change, timelines change that don’t easily allow for adjustments. That said, as much as possible we always do everything to keep a promise made to a client for action to be completed. That reminds me of the picture of the duck on the waterline, looks calm on top while they paddle like the devil under the view line.
  5. Have Strong Referral Partners. We can’t be the answer to everything, but be prepared to solve problems in other areas of need through strong partnerships in related industries. We routinely engage in our local long term care networking forums to build relationships with those in a variety of aspects of services/resources to help our clients in whatever area is needed, such as estate planning/elder law, real estate, supported housing and more.

2021 is going to be Ridiculously Amazingbecause that’s our mission and our mindset. If you would like more information about our services, please call: 501-777-9992